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Nataliya Vysotsky

About Me

My background

My name is Nataliya Vysotsky. I was born in Sedlishche in Volyn region of Ukraine. I lived in Lutsk, Ukraine, then in Sacramento, California, USA.  On June 24, 2006 I married Anatoly Vysotsky.

Who I am

I am wife of one and mother of four.  Presently I reside in Ephrata, Pennsylvania together with my husband Anatoly and four children: Katerina (11), Lilia (8), David (6) and Milana (3). 

Things I love

 I like to sing Christian songs together with other believers and with my children. I also like to go shopping, mushroom hunting or simply spend time with my family or friends.

Song in Ukrainian


Iсусе, у свiтi грiшному знайшов мене.

Song in Russian


Иисуса кровь течет из под тернового венца

Singing with My Children


Снова год пролетел - день жатвы настал

(И в праздник жатвы славу Богу воздай)

My Children Sing at Our Church Service


И в снег и в дождь я радуюсь в Иисусе 

(Господь мой Пастырь)

Websites of My Daughters

Katerina Vysotsky

Katerina is my oldest daughter. 

She is now  in sixth grade.  

Lila Vysotsky

Lilia is my middle daughter. 

She is now  in third grade.  

Milana Vysotsky

Milana is my youngest daughter. 

She is three years old.  

My Son, My Husband and My Church

David Vysotsky

David is our only son.

He is now in first grade.

Anatoly V. Vysotsky

My beloved husband and father of our children.

He is the owner of Amazing Universal Services.

Light of the World Fellowship

Our church in Ephrata, Pennsylvania.

We are glad to serve God by serving others.

Contact Us

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We love our relatives and friends, so feel free to visit us anytime.

Nataliya Vysotsky

(717) 725-5528


Anytime by appointment - please call or text. 

Sunday: we can meet at our local church: 

Light of the World Fellowship @ 400 W. Main St. Ste 9, Ephrata, PA 17522.